Yay… and boo!

Yay! Jonny is done with the conference.
Boo, the best breakfast place on Mission had a 45 minute wait and we had a 2 year old wanting pancakes “right now”.

Yay! We are in the raddest room at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs.
Boo, we had to wait for it to be cleaned during nap time and then move which worked up the 2 year old and the baby.
Yay, they finally sleep.

Yay, we’re on vacation!
Boo, is this really relaxing?

Jonny is convinced that we will never leave the house again once we return home. He’s being a little dramatic, BUT I will say traveling with “Los Dos” is harder than just the one. Single moms, people with twins, my hat is off to you.

Oh… And what else have we been up to? Rad street fair (fun pics will follow when I’m home to my computer) minus the indecision about what to eat for dinner. Flamingo feather earrings that I totally should have purchased (damn my indecision). A hot night sleep with broken air conditioner. A move to OB today (woohoo). Bad breakfast that made me feel sick (boo!) and now? Nap time. Bliss, love, quiet, yay!

Coming soon: swimming, help from grandparents and an evening beer. Ahh, yes I think this may be vacation.


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