4 months old

Let me just open with, how impressive am I to actually be posting this on the day this peanut turns 4 months, the day people. Albeit a little late, especially if you’re in any timezone east of the Pacific (that is what our timezone is called, right guys?)

It is entirely possible that I jumped the gun on the above “look at me, I’m all on time and stuff” there is a stirring in the ergo (no that’s not a euphemism, c’mon people get your heads out of the gutter) as I type, and allow my thumb to be held and bounce on the yoga ball (that we never actually use for yoga ’cause I’m a fainter) (which is a story for another day but if I go there you know my life has gotten pretty dull). Oh, and yes, I’m pretty sure I’m violating a few grammar (and possibly some math) rules with the double parentheses but I don’t care. On this blog I get to write it how I want, so if you’re critiquing me, take it somewhere else: only compliments allowed here.

Back to my amazing 4 month old…

I found this idea on Pinterest. Pretty cool, right? (both Pinterest and the idea). I can’t find the source (didn’t pin it, weird) but some of you know what I’m talking about. I think the kid had a cape on? Anyway, if you do, leave a link in the comments and I’ll add it. I’m hoping to keep these up for both boys and then get books made at some point.

If you love Pinterest, come find me! (Need an invite? Leave your email in the comments & I’ll send you one).


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