Mr. Long & Lean, where will we find you pants?

My little boy is growing up, and when I say up I mean it literally. He’s all kinds of tall. Not just tall but thin, that may be more the issue than the height. Here’s the dilemma, he’s almost 3, 2T pants fit him in the waist (if they are adjustable) but they are too short. This was ok during the summer because I could cuff them and work the man-pri look, which I think is cute. Now, it’s fall and we need another option. So I went shopping, I came home with the normal adjustable waist jeans and cords that he wears just in a 3T… it was made very clear that these weren’t  going to work. He looked like he was in clown pants! Super baggy on his skinny legs and I couldn’t get the adjustable waist tight enough. This is only going to get more pronounced as we leave Pull-Ups behind and wear underwear (yay!).

So today… I thought I’d just take them both real quick to a few places that were recommended in online forums for finding tall, skinny pants. I’m not sure if any of you have taken an almost 3 year old and a baby shopping, and had the toddler try things on, but this is not something I look forward to doing ever again. The little guy fell asleep in the ergo but the other one did not understand all this taking pants off and putting them on again, let alone his mother’s furrowed brow with each pair.

He really lost it in Oshkosh when he started punching the baby in the head (still asleep in ergo) as I was trying to help him out of a pair of pants. And then, on our way out he pulled a whole rack of headbands off the display {fabulous}.

We returned home without pants.

So I started the internet search again. It didn’t take long to stumble across this:

Looks pretty do-able to me. I think I like this option better than a re-do of this morning’s fiasco. The tutorial is full of helpful photos.

He’s only almost 3, so elastic waist pants are cool with me. Plus he can (theoretically) pull them up and down on his own for going potty. I think I’ll try this soon… I like the stripes too. I may have to brave JoAnne’s Fabric and snag something similar.

I’ll let you know how it goes. In the mean time anyone have suggestions? We’ve struck out at : Old Navy, Gap, and Oshkosh


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