3 years old!

You, my oldest son, are 3 years old! I can’t believe it. You are such an amazing little boy. I am blown away by how sweet you are and also how brave you’re getting. You love fire trucks, garbage trucks, recycle trucks, excavators, anything with wheels. You tell me all the time that you want to be just like your dad when you grow up. Your grandparents spoil you {and you love it} You are quite the artist, I love your color choices when we paint. You are learning to mix colors {blue and yellow make green!} You are very good at taking things apart and putting them back together. You love your friends, you’re shy when you don’t know people very well. You like food, including but not limited to: bacon, lollipops, ice cream, peas, carrots {especially when you pick them yourself}, raspberries, strawberries, bratwurst, gnocchi, bread…

We have been going to the library and you love it! You help out and know how to put your things away. You follow directions and love to assist in the kitchen. We bake together all the time and you are getting really good.

You love your brother and can make him laugh so hard! You get so excited about things and make us smile every day.

You are so loved!


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