5 months

Oh my, how you are growing… you are bursting out of 6 month clothes and too long for some 9 month items. Teething is rough on you but moving faster than it did with your brother. You love Ergo rides and independent time. You think eating is rad. You love your brother and he loves you. Every time I tell him to stop wrestling with you I look over and you are giggling. You are tough. You seem to love laughing. You’re fascinated by Stella pup. You can sit up on your own for a bit before you tip over. You love chewing on Sophie the giraffe. Miguel and Justin are your favorite uncles. You can chew on your feet. The spiky purple ball is your favorite.

You are so loved.

{P.S. I’m a little late with the photo editing and posting but the photo was taken on the day you were 5 months}



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