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D’s First Haircut

I forgot to share the haircut, I guess I still can’t believe we did it. Last month we shaved off his wispy curls. It was tough for both of us to do. His head needed to breathe, his scalp needed some air (and some special attention from mama).

I traveled with some girls while I was in New Zealand. Both of them were surprised that I’d never had my head shaved. We all grew up in different parts of the world. In many cultures it’s commonplace to shave the head of every child at least once. The belief is that the hair will grow back thicker. I asked my hair stylist,  she confirmed that this would work out scientifically. Cutting the hair short can uncover clogged follicles. Anyway, that’s the deal… we did this for you D.

Now that I’m used to it, I think he looks quite cute. And I’m thinking with two curly headed parents the curls will come back. From now on the hair decisions are up to him, short or long, I don’t care (I’m going to regret putting that in writing, aren’t I?).


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