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Last Week

So let’s start with Friday’s check up. Gideon had his 4 month check at almost 5 months {September is just crazy for a two teacher family} He remains in the 95th% for height and is in the 75th% for weight and head size. He’s doing well, healthy boy. He got the ok for solid food. We started with avocado and kid is pumped! I think we’ll try sweet potatoes later this week.

Earlier in the week we got a full day visit from cousin Kelsey. It was fun to have a buddy for the day even though we didn’t do much. She loves these boys and they love her. If you’ve checked out crowns on Green Radish, you may have seen her beautiful face before. She’s one talented young woman and has a few killer ideas up her sleeve. I’ll share more when she puts it all in motion.

Earlier in the week was the final day of the outdoor “sandbox”. D could play in it forever. I’m working on an indoor version.

We were on a bit of a baking spree this week and weekend. Our household is pretty rad because hubs is a fabulous cook and I know my way around some baked goods. We eat well in these parts. D helped me make whole wheat pita bread, and chocolate peanut butter brownie bites. {If you followed the last link you may have noticed that I’m a Pinterest fool. It seriously is my newest love, I have people who refuse to participate in social media whatsoever who are totally in love as well. Need an invite? Leave a comment with your email and I’ll send you one}

What else? Well, the weekend brought us a date night & lunch and some raspberry scones.


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