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and we’re off, the school year starts and we jump in…

Whoa. Things got a little busy there. Between finishing the mural, printing and researching all the information i needed to know before printing on wood and the whole taking care of 2 small humans, I guess I forgot to write.

I think I was also feeling a little overwhelmed.

My last entry was a little sad. The summer is gone, the teaching year is here. I think every teacher gets a little crazy with self doubt and anxiousness around this time of year: “How will my classes go?” “What if I forgot how to teach?” “Is my room/lesson plan/road map ready?” “What am I gonna wear?” These are the thoughts that travel through my mind on top of the, “how will my baby do without me?” “what if I start leaking milk while teaching?” “will my mom be totally overwhelmed by both boys?”

The thing is, every year, to some degree, we all have to just jump in. And I think I like the ‘jump in’ part of teaching. It’s full of action, and trying something and forward movement. AND, if things don’t go so well, at least it makes for great stories afterward. I just hope my stories don’t end with “and the baby cried all day without me” or “my whole shirt was soaked” or “I can’t do this”.

So lately:

mural project, Whidbey Island, WA

::Jamfest:: Canton Alley, International District, Seattle

custom tree for thumbprint wedding guestbook

So I guess that starts the catch up. There will be more another day. I think I’ve decided to keep this blog going, for now. It started as a summer project, but it has been a fun place to chronicle our adventures.

Next time? Dinner Club snapshots, more from Canton Alley and maybe even San Diego (oh the catching up I have to do:)


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Where did summer go?

It has been too long since I’ve made time to write. I have been breaking in my new sketchbook, playing with my boys, finishing up projects and today, well today I’ve been freaking out.

I have my first teacher meeting of the 2011-2012 school year tomorrow. It’s only half a day but it struck me across the face like a hard slap.

I have to leave my baby.

I love parenting for the constant lessons in theoretical and actual.
Theoretically going back to work half time when your baby is 3.5 months old, and leaving him in the care of the amazing woman who raised you, is fabulous. Theoretically it seems like a great balance of sanity for mama (that being me), bonding time for Meme (my mom) all the while keeping us out of the “qualifying for food stamps” income bracket.

The actual? It breaks my heart.

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So I gave my kids (students) this assignment to write everyday. The assignment was write every day, at least three sentences. I figured three sentences was do able, and that maybe they would accomplish half the days. I thought that three sentences would get them started and then maybe they would choose to continue and write more.

I decided to do the assignment as well.

I really believe in not expecting something from others that you couldn’t, wouldn’t or don’t do yourself.

So my take so far? This assignment, it’s hard. But it’s also fabulous. I was correct in that three sentences is approachable (at least for me), and that most of the time I end up writing more. I have had to past date many posts because life has gotten busy and I haven’t written every day on that day. It’s made me wonder, is that cheating? As a teacher and the creator of this assignment I don’t think its cheating but I also don’t want the kids writing their 90 sentences for the month all at once. Im trying to write every day through the travels and the parenting and the party planning and throwing. Some days I feel more successful than others.

If you are reading this blog, you will see posts pop up several at a time, sometimes this is because we didn’t have Internet and I was writing but not able to upload (like right now) sometimes it’s because I had to fill in gaps.

All in all this has been a great summer project, one that I’m glad I’m participating in. I’m excited to see what the kids come back with and what their perspective is on whether it was a valid assignment or not.

For now though, at this halfway-ish point of summer I am happy to have a place to write things down. I’m excited to have kept up this well and to have documents this summer of 2011 so we will remember the days.

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